Planning, progress, and adaptation

March 08, 2024 Season 1 Episode 68
Planning, progress, and adaptation
Show Notes

Explorers of old used to gather crews and garner support from financial backers with a very loose promise of success. The journeys commenced without a specific destination in mind. If you were to get in your car now and fire up Google maps, you can plug in a specific address or even a specific GPS coordinate to navigate to. The destination is known, although the journey may change based on traffic patterns or missed exits. The journeys of old did not have this specificity.

Some planning in life is necessary. You must have a general sense of what you want to do and where you want to go. Failure to plan in any capacity is foolish; it leaves you susceptible to being swept away by the currents of life. We must set a plan in motion and be biased towards action to make progress.

But so much unhappiness and anxiety comes from over-planning, from too much rigidity. When things don't go our way, which is bound to happen, we must adjust our plans accordingly. If we keep working towards a reality that no longer exists, we will be left stressed and unfulfilled. Success in life often boils down to striking a balance between the two.

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