The illusion of achievement

February 16, 2024 Season 1 Episode 65
The illusion of achievement
Show Notes

Oftentimes when we are pursuing a goal or achievement it seems as if that goal keeps getting further and further away. It can be frustrating to put all our efforts into something, only to see that goal elude us.

This occurs because the result is the one thing that we often can't control. By focusing on an outcome that we can't guarantee, we are destined for disappointment. Focus instead on the process, on why we pursued that thing in the first place.

Additionally, sometimes it makes more sense to pivot than to stay on the path we're on. If we only focus on the outcome, we won't be aware of these pivots points and often won't realize they are a better fit for us. So stay aware, focus on the process, and detach your emotions from an end-result that you can't control. 

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